How It Works


Some of you have asked exactly how all of this works, so here are some details!

1. sign up

First, sign up. We use Facebook authentication to make sure that everyone who signs up is a real person. We only get your user name, name, and email from Facebook and can't see anything else.

If you're not quite ready to sign up to get matched, then you can follow along by subscribing to our newsletter.


2. Get matched

If we find a match for you, we send you and your match an email like the one below.

SUBJECT: Your "Hi From The Other Side" Match!
Hi Christine and Diane,
Thanks for taking the time to have a conversation. I'll leave it up to you two to find a time for a call or video chat – one of you is in Eastern time zone and the other in Pacific time zone.
Here's a conversation guide I put together to get you started: Conversation Guide
I'll follow up in a bit to see how it went. Thanks!


3. Follow up

Once you've received your match email, it's up to you to follow up and find a time that works for both of you.

Be sure to use our conversation guide to get going.