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I thought you may be interested in hifromtheotherside.com. They pair people up to have open-minded, one-on-one conversations about the election. Below is more info from them.




Hi From The Other Side (hifromtheotherside.com) connects people who are looking to have a conversation with someone who didn't support their candidate.

You may be concerned with what tone these conversations will take. To ensure discussions remain cordial and productive, we ask a few questions to screen for nice, open-minded people. We also provide a conversation guide with best practices and questions that help both sides get to know each other. Finally, here are some emails we've received from some of our first matches:

"Super productive. She was extremely nice- and though we forgot about the guide, it went great. We both were very respectful. I would be open to chatting with another person as well again if there's more people looking to chat ... I gained a lot of perspective, which is good because empathy is something I lack for certain." –Dennis, Trump supporter

"Everything I see in the news and my social feeds is ugliness and divisiveness. It was really refreshing to be able to sit face-to-face and find common ground with another mom like me who just happened to have different views on public policy. I highly recommend Hi from the other side to anyone who truly wants to better understand their fellow Americans." –Rebecca, Clinton supporter