We've been really encouraged by the nice notes that we get. If you're hesitant about signing up to talk to the other side, hopefully this will show you that talking to someone who disagrees with you can be a good experience.


We chatted for a long time. It was a healthy conversation, with someone I completely disagree with... I think it was important to have the conversation. We agreed to keep emailing and schedule another call in 6 weeks or so.
— Ben, Clinton supporter
I want to reiterate how grateful I am for this program. It was a great experience learning about each other’s lives and dreams, talking civilly about where we diverge, and finding surprising amounts of common ground.

Also, thanks for the question guide. We used it the whole time, and it was the perfect number of questions to allow us to get to know each other in one hour while staying mostly on topic but also having some time to diverge into subtopics.
— Marie, Clinton supporter
Thanks, this is a great tool to help us all better understand the other side. We had a great hour and a half conversation. We both respected each others position. I would like to have more conversations with others from the ‘other side.’
— Anthony, Trump supporter
I wanted to thank you so much for starting this effort. I can’t tell you heartening I and many friends and family have found it. ... I was so happy to find out that Hi From The Other Side existed that I sent an email about it to many of my friends and family. I’ve gotten several enthusiastic responses.

I think your effort to help Americans listen to each other and build conversations across party lines is fantastic, and I thought you should know how well-received the idea has been among my friends and family.
— Hannah, McMullin supporter
I was astonished how similar our backgrounds were... We had an very civil conversation. I picked up a lot of information from Ben and understand better his beliefs. He’s a very good communicator! Hopefully he got something out of it as well. We agreed to keep in touch via email and hook back up by phone in six weeks.
— Tony, Trump supporter
Super productive. She was extremely nice – and though we forgot about the guide, it went great. We both were very respectful. I would be open to chatting with another person as well again if there’s more people looking to chat... I gained a lot of perspective, which is good because empathy is something I lack for certain.
— Dennis, Trump supporter
As a Trump supporter who was not particularly vocal about expressing my support I was happy that this forum allowed for a civil way to converse with those on the other side about my support. I know there are others like me who would appreciate a program like this as well.
— Abhi, Trump supporter
Everything I see in the news and my social feeds is ugliness and divisiveness. It was really refreshing to be able to sit face-to-face and find common ground with another mom like me who just happened to have different views on public policy. I highly recommend Hi From The Other Side to anyone who truly wants to better understand their fellow Americans.
— Rebecca, Clinton supporter