By running Hi From The Other Side, we come across many other great resources for those interested in understanding other viewpoints. We thought we'd share some with you. 



AllSides is a news aggregator site that shows the coverage left, center, and right on the same stories so you can quickly get different perspectives.



Living Room Conversations is a non-profit that focuses on civil conversations. The conversations begin with two people with different views on an issue, then each person invites two more friends for a total of six participants. They have more than 50 topics ready for you to discuss, but you can also build your own topics.


NEW YORK TIMES: "The run-up"

"The Run-Up" is a New York Times podcast that covers post-election stories. They have three-part series that features pairs of voters who are "struggling with feelings of betrayal, mystification and fury over the Election Day decision of a person very close to them."